Isolation Valve Repair

Field and Shop Services

Dayton Precision Services' factory trained and certified technicians offer a full range of services for all types of valves, including: gate, globe, check, non-return, butterfly, and ball.  

**In-place valve repair includes ability for seat replacement and guide rib repair!

DPS utilizes state of the art equipment for in-shop and on-site maintenance for high pressure class valves to insure quality repair with minimum down time.

In-Place Repair Solutions

DPS is capable of offering cost effective in-line repairs on various valves.  Utilizing specialized automated welding welding process, DPS is capable of repairing critical components like valve seats, guide ribs or pressure seal areas in-line.  We have proven results with Gate, Globe, Check and Control Valves.

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Emergency Turnaround

DPS has skilled technicians and equipment available during emergency situations.

Mobile Machine Shop

DPS has multiple 53' mobile machine shop trailers.  They are outfitted with full machine shop capabilities.

In-Field Repair

DPS has the capability to perform most valve repairs in the field.  

In-Shop Valve Repair

DPS maintains a large machine shop.  Outfitted with multiple cranes and CNC lathes.  

Highly Skilled Technicians

DPS Valve Technicians are trained and knowledgeable in all types and styles of valves.

Refurbishment of Parts

DPS is capable of repairing valve components